CROPS & GARDEN - STAKES AND PLANT SUPPORTS - Support mesh for horticulture and floriculture

plastic mesh to support climbing vegetables such as beans, tomatoes, climbing vegetables
support plastic mesh for the orderly growth of vegetables, tomatoes, beans

150x170* mm

*Mesh dimensions can vary up to ± 10%

HORTONOVAmade in Italy

Mesh for vegetables and flowers

It is the plastic mesh that has revolutionised the cut flower and climbing vegetable cultivation system. Produced from top quality polypropylene and made with the exclusive dual stretching extrusion process that ensures optimum strength and duration. It has replaced metal meshes, iron trellises and perishable materials such as bamboo canes or wood, traditionally used to create support and separation frames. Using TENAX HORTONOVA for vertical support ensures excellent ventilation, ideal exposure to the sun and better use of space, for both cultivation and harvesting.

  • TENAX mesh for vegetables and flowers improves plant exposure to air and sun
  • light yet very resistant, it is easy to install and handle
  • UV treated
  • Resists bacteria, chemical agents and mould
  • Does not rust

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Support mesh for horticulture and floriculture

plant support
plant support

ideal to support vegetables
ideal to support vegetables

UV treated
UV treated

easy to install
easy to install

The mesh is stretched vertically, fastening it to the poles placed along the cultivated row, based on the preferred techniques. Slightly raised off the ground, it must enable the vegetable plant to develop so the vegetable can climb along the mesh, going in and out. By doing so, the plant develops upright and the weight is supported. It gives a better qualitative and quantitative yield, and fast harvesting. The perfect passage of air and light guarantees the plant and fruit develop in the best way possible. It is ideal to grow peas, beans, tomatoes, cucumbers and all climbing vegetables. The white colour allows the plant to be easily identified.


The mesh is stretched horizontally, fastening it to poles arranged transversely on the ends and intermediate poles positioned along the sides of the plot, based on the type of cultivation. During flower growth, continue to horizontally lay HORTONOVA mesh to create layers. This allows the flower to grow straight and therefore gain added value on the sales market.

plastic net for floriculture

Bulk rolls
colour prod.
1.02x500 White 58012007 8002929008831
1.02x1000 White 58012507 8002929008930
1.19x500 White 58012008 8002929008848
1.19x1000 White 58012508 8002929008947
1.36x500 White 58012009 8002929008855
1.36x1000 White 58012509 8002929008954
1.53x500 White 58012010 8002929008862
1.53x1000 White 58012510 8002929008961
1.70x500 White 58012011 8002929008879
1.70x1000 White 58012511 8002929008978
2.04x500 White 58012013 8002929008886
2.04x1000 White 58012513 8002929008985