Modular barrier for sport events TENAX LIMIT SPORT at Sochi's Olympics 2014

made in Italy
Modular barrier for the delimitation of the ski races at the Olympic Games in Sochi 2014


The modular fencing barrier at the Olympic Games

The modular barrier Limit Sport
installed around the ski races, at the paddocks and the podium area at the Olympic Games in Sochi 2014


modular fencing barrier for the delimitation of the ski races

modular barrier in red colour supplied to the Olympic Games in Sochi

Tenax is proud to supply its product LIMIT SPORT, the modular barrier fencing system, easy to assemble, to the Olympic Games in Sochi.

The modular barriers LIMIT SPORT, in blue and red colours, have been installed on Sochi snow facilities along a total path of 2,3 km, for the delimitation of the ski races, the paddock and the podium area.

Tenax has been supplying its modular barriers to "The Winter Olympic Games Committee" for 3 years (in addition to Sochi, Vancouver in 2010 and Turin, Sestriere, in 2006).

TENAX LIMIT SPORT is a barrier consisting of a metallic structure covered with a HDPE net, available in different colours.

  • Ideal to partition areas, to create compulsory lanes and to highlight patterns during events and demonstrations
  • Possibility to partition areas of any shapes and dimension
  • Lightweight, easy to store and transport
  • Easy assembly and dismantle
  • Aesthetically pleasant and suitable to support advertising banners
modular barrier stored and transported easily

The barriers can be stored and transported easily.

the modular barriers are lighweight and easy to install

The modular barrier fencing system TENAX LIMIT SPORT is very tough yet lightweight and easy to install. A single person can assemble up to hundreds of meters.

fencing barrier to delimit areas of any shapes

Highly visible barriers and restricted areas can be created quickly. Partitioned areas can be clearly

fencing barriers are ideal to support the advertising banners during sport events

Due to ist interlocking system, TENAX LIMIT SPORT modular barrier can be easily used for the delimitation of different shaped areas. Tenax modular barrier is the ideal support for advertising banners.

modular barrier in plasticmodular barrier stored

The stocking of hundreds of meters can be stored in a compact space.

Panel weight: 7,5 kg
1 Pallet = 20 barriers + 22 pickets (40 m total length)
Pallets/truck: 26
Barriers/truck: a 40' container holds 520 barriers equal to 1.040 m plus the accessories for the assembling

angle foot for fencing barrier
Angled foot
weight Kg 2,1
double foot for modular fencing barrier
Double foot
weight Kg 2,0
picket for modular fencing barrier
weight Kg 1,7