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Extruded net for ground stabilization TENAX GP FLEX, for green traffic areas

Extruded net for ground stabilization for green traffic areas

1800 g/m²


1,2 cm


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turf reinforcement net


accessories for turf reinforcement grid installation




30 cm U staples



Stabilizing net for green traffic areas

An extruded net in high density foam polyethylene (HDPE) with a three-dimensional structure composed of a series of overlapped and crossed filaments.

The high mechanical performance of TENAX GP FLEX (Grass Protection) allows to protect the grass by absorbing horizontal pressure and equally distributing the load; as a result the installation of this net contains ruts from forming on the grass when used by vehicles.

The reticular structure also ensures effective anchoring of grass roots, thus efficiently protecting the grass from being worn away.
The dimensional and shape characteristics of this product mean that the reinforcement layer does not shift, which would cause problems with use.

The installation is, on the whole, extremely quick, even on large surfaces. It also provides an excellent visual effect: the reinforced grass maintains a decidedly natural appearance.

The product is completely inert, both chemically (humus acids, fertilisers etc.) and biologically (micro-organisms, bacteria, etc.). As it is produced with polyolefin, it is entirely recyclable.




• Reinforcement of grassed parking areas and access routes or lawns used by a high number of pedestrians, even those on soft foundations, for both permanent and temporary applications, such as:
- shows and concerts;

- garages and areas for trailers and caravans parking;
- grassed access roads;
- pedestrian walkways.


• All surfaces which are prone to damage of the grass surface and to the formation of ruts.

• Stabilization of earth roads, courtyards and car parks.




• Contains the formation of ruts

• Protects the grass

• Cheap and easy to install, even on large surfaces

• Recyclable

• Excellent aesthetical impact



Code Size
Colour Sales Unit Sales Unit/
1A090471 2.00x20 1800 gr/brw  roll
1A090470 2.00x20 1400 gr/brw  roll

The details supplied herein are provided for information purposes only and are based on experience acquired by TENAX with regards to products and their applications. TENAX will therefore not be held responsible for any inaccuracies. Information and suggestions provided are subject to change in the event of modifications to test and/or production procedures.


The structure ensures effective anchoring of grass roots protecting the grass from being worn away



1) We recommend excavating to a minimum of 30 cm. If the presence of clay soil, an adequate draining system must be installed to avoid standing water.

2) Carefully level the laying surface. If filling earth has been laid, compress the laying surface with compactor rollers until obtaining compaction equal to 95% of the Proctor Standard.


3) Spread sandy subsoil (a mixture of cultivation soil and sand) with a thickness of 2 cm at least. Carry out an initial sowing of the substrate.

4) Unroll TENAX GP FLEX and fix one end of the roll and its sides at intervals of 1 m with TENAX “U” pins (30 cm in length), being careful to place the rolls next to each other (fig. A). The length of the pins will depend on the consistency of the subsoil. The net must also be fixed in areas where its distance from the surface is deemed excessive; fixing must be carried so as the net has tension when installed, in order to avoid the formation of creases and to ensure adequate adherence to the laying surface.


5) Fill the TENAX GP FLEX mesh with sandy and dry soil, entirely covering the net, but the layer of soil must be minimal in order to allow the re growth of roots around the net mesh.

6) Carry out sowing, roll and dampen with the same frequency and methods as used with normal grass. We recommend the use of a Gramineae mixture suitable to be trodden on.

7) For obtaining the best results we suggest that vehicles do not use the reinforced grass until it has grown to at least 35 mm and has been cut twice.


Extruded net for ground stabilisation

installation of ground stabilization net

Alternatively, the grass can be sown by simply laying the
TENAX Biodegradable pre-sown textile before installing the net.

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