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rete per la protezione di piante e germogli
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Tree guard nets

Tenax tree guard for the protection of young plants

water, air and light circulate
bacteria, moulds and insects-proof
resistant to chemical, climatic agents and UV rays
rust-proof and long-lasting
light and easy to install, need no maintenance
available in different meshes and sizes

A range of products to protect trees and young plants


The thick mesh provides complete protection for young plants because it inhibits shoots from penetrating through the mesh resulting in damage by animals and it also offers protection from the wind.

TENAX TG tree guards are easy to install requiring no tools or accessories: one stake directly fixed into the ground for the large mesh guards and two stakes for the thick mesh guards

Once secured to the ground, they need no maintenance, are easy to water and allow for regular checks on the growth of the young trees to be carried out.


Rhomboidal thick mesh

Protection for the most thin and fragile twigs, particularly desirable for wild animals.

Sprouts and bark protection, microclimate and windbreak

tree guard nets


With a thick part in the lower area

The thick part works like a real shield preventing the plant from being in contact with chemical herbicidal.

Tree protection from weeds and mechanical machines

protection of plants from weeds and mechanical machines


Big diameter for trunk protection
These nets are suitable for protecting thick foliage wood trees and conifers from big wild animals.
Trunk protection nets

tree guard nets
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