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Thermo-reflecting screens

thermo reflecting screens also protect crops from hail and wind


thermo reflecting screens

When applied to the outside of greenhouses
LUMINAX reduces the temperatures,
protects from hail and wind and creates an
ideal growing environment for plants.

The ideal microclimate for abundant growth


TENAX LUMINAX protects from the UV rays and improves the microclimate in the greenhouse with regard to temperature, light and damp. It contributes to a reduction of the costs and a substantial increase in productivity.



In summer it encourages fast rooting of the crops resulting in an increase in growth. Furthermore, the lower temperature helps to reduce the damage caused by insects.

In winter, LUMINAX reduces heat loss, prevents condensation, increases the diffusion of light and contributes to a considerable energy saving.

1 - Crops maximum protection
Lots of external cultivations get benefit from the improvement of climate conditions. LUMINAX screens installed on shading structures protect crops from frost, wind and excessive heat increasing the crops quality and growth.


2 - Cool during the day and warm at night
LUMINAX screens reflect sun radiation during the day, reduce heat overexposure and reflect IR radiations during the night increasing the plant temperature and reducing the risk of frost. Screens also avoid condensation on the leaves.


3 - Uniform and diffused light
LUMINAX special structure improves light diffusion. The use of special additives and the many-faceted refraction of LUMINAX twisted threads improve the efficient diffusion of incoming radiation, creating a uniform diffused light in the whole greenhouse thus improving photosynthesis.


4 - Huge energy saving
TENAX LUMINAX reflecting screens proved a big energy saving. They increase plants temperature during the night and avoid overheating during the day reducing operational costs.

Crops maximum protection
Cool during the day and warm at night
LUMINAX special structure improves light diffusion
TENAX LUMINAX screens proved a big energy saving
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