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supporto per floricoltura e orticoltura
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Supports for floriculture and horticulture

Tenax plastic net for the support of flowers used in floriculture



HORTONOVA is a TENAX net that provides support for long-stemmed flowers such as carnations or gladioli. The product encourages the growth of flowers and contributes to the profitability. HORTONOVA offers a better alternative to traditional wire mesh, eliminating the problems of installation and the time taken.


It is a plastic net manufactured by the TENAX extrusion process that ensures maximum reliability, regular dimension of the mesh and provides long-lasting, maintenance-free support.

HORTONOVA is a unique agronomic product and the product leader in the market. Tried and tested for many years, it has few competitors who can match its advantages.

Tenax plastic net for the support of climbing vegetables and plants



TENAX HORTONOVA nets offer practicality, reliability and economy in horticulture. It provides better support and growth for melons, tomatoes, cucumbers, French beans, peppers and all other climbing vegetables.


With HORTONOVA it is not necessary to use welded mesh, wire supports and structures such as reeds and wood.

In addition, it guarantees maximum versatility providing lateral support for crops and their harvest. It is cost-effective and available in a range of widths and lengths to suit all requirements.


Supports for flowers and climbing plants and vegetables
Tenax plastic net to support flowers or vegetables Manufactured in high quality polypropylene, lightweight yet very robust, flexible and tear-resistant, UV stabilised and resistant to bacteria, chemical agents and mould.

Net for flowers and plants support


HORTONOVA registered trade mark characterizes the original TENAX product.

Use in layers for floriculture
It encourages air circulation, improves exposure to the sun and optimises the space available. Ideal for both large and small-scale production.

Vertical support in horticulture
It allows better exposure to light and air for all climbing vegetables.
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