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Protection for improved growth


fleece to protect crop from cold, frost and sudden changes of temperature


tubular fleece for plant cover, in winter or in autumn, it protects plants form cold

TENAX TUBOCLIMA is placed over
canes around plants to avoid frost
damage and creates a favourable
microclimate for the fast and
healthy development of plants.

Protection against frost, wind and sudden change of temperature



low temperatureAs a result of its physical and structural characteristics, TENAX ORTOCLIMA offers the best results in application and performance. It is environmentally friendly, easy to use, resistant to UV degradation and chemicals and very versatile.

It is beneficial to all crops that need protection against frost, wind, and sudden change of temperature, rain and certain parasites. TENAX ORTOCLIMA creates an ideal microclimate for abundant growth of field crops such as lettuce, French beans, and melons and garden plants without inhibiting the natural biological process.

TENAX ORTOCLIMA protects crops from extremes of temperature.
In growing tunnels, in greenhouse or in the field, ORTOCLIMA encourages and accelerates the rooting of plants. It prevents and avoids the excessive build up of ground heat and allows the correct levels of moisture to permeate.





non woven plant fleece for protection of plants during winter or autumn





Non-woven fleece for protection

Manufactured from polypropylene, it can be used either over field crops or in greenhouses for the protection of vegetables and flowers from the night time cold. Also available in tubular form for plants protection.



Non-woven fleece for crops protection
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