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reti per impollinazione
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Pollination net

pollination net

Better help for nature
The process of pollination for difficult flowers, such as tomatoes and eggplants, can be improved for pollinating insects such as bees in an effective and natural way by installing TENAX IMPOLLINET.

When applied to the side openings and ends of greenhouses, this net prevents the exit of these useful bugs exploiting the pollination process to the maximum.

In addition TENAX IMPOLLINET net also allows good diffusion of light.


Professional agriculture cannot ignore a natural instrument such as pollination of fruit plants, vegetables and forage that can be controlled through pollinating insects.

Entomophilous pollination agents are insects like bumblebees and worker bees which are a surprising example of hymenoptera specialized in pollen and nectar picking.

As this sort of insects suffer climatic variations inside the greenhouse, the use of TENAX LUMINAX thermal reflecting screen proved to be very useful for covering the beehive.

Thanks to the microclimate created by TENAX LUMINAX inside the beehive, the bumblebees colony can carry out its activity without the stress caused by excessive heating.

Beehive installed for pollination
Beehive installed for pollination.


Woven net

The high quality of this woven monofilament net ensures high strength and excellent permeability to light and air.


easily adaptable for all types of crop
robust yet stretchable, woven by the Rachel system
strong, ladder-proof
UV stabilised, resistant to chemicals

Tenax nets for pollination

Pollination net
Product Shade
Colour Height
IMPOLLINET 14 clear from 1,00
to 2,00

Note: nets can be supplied in any length and with height in multiple of 10 cm. Nets are 3 cm overlapped when sewn together.
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