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net for removing moisture rete per essiccazione ortofrutta
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Removing moisture

Plastic square mesh for removing moisture from pepper, tomatoes, figs and aother fruits



TENAX nets offer the ideal solution for the removal of moisture from plants such as tomatoes, peppers and figs, ensuring high-quality products.

  • the mesh apertures reduce the contact between the net and the plant, allow for air circulation and improve the removal of moisture
  • strong, rigid and tear-resistant
  • it is unaffected to the acids in the fruit




Extruded net manufactured from polyethylene
With selvages down each side, to facilitate the removal of moisture.


Removing moisture
Product Mesh
Colour Height
QUADRA 05 4x4 white 1,00 50
QUADRA 10 9x9 white 1,00 50

plastic mesh for removing moisture from tomatoes

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