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reti per la raccolta delle olive
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Harvesting olives

Tenax woven and plastic nets for olives harvesting
Easy collection of olives.
TENAX extruded nets make harvesting
easy without damaging the fruit.

Tenax net for the harvest of olives

More oil and better quality from the olives harvest


Harvesting olives is a fundamental economic problem for growers involving very high labour costs. If left on the ground too long, they deteriorate quickly, therefore, a simple and easy collection system is required. This is best achieved by using extruded plastic nets that are cost effective and practical to use.

Installation is simply carried out by stretching the nets under the plants a few days before the fall. By placing the nets a few centimeter above the ground, this allows air to the olives to prevent decay.

TENAX nets are also ideal for the harvesting of filberts and chestnuts.

Extruded nets
Manufactured by thermoplastic extrusion that creates high strength combined with lightweight and flexibility. Many nets incorporate a selvage that protects from tearing and also makes installation simple.

Extruded nets for olives harvesting

Tenax net for olive harvesting

Woven nets
Manufactured through loom weaving, soft, flexible and very strong. The use of sheets is recommended for olive-groves where trees are not planted in rows or for trees with small foliage.

Woven nets for the harvest

Tenax net for the harvest of olives

TENAX nets have been used successfully for over 30 years. OLINET registered trade mark characterizes the original TENAX product.
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