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AGRITENAX installation structures for anti-hail, anti-aphid and reflecting screens

Anti-hail, anti-aphid and thermal reflecting screens

Every type of installation has been studied to satisfy specific needs. TENAX installation can be realized in different structures: anti-hail, anti-aphid and thermal reflecting screens.

personal technical consultation and service by skilled staff for turn-key operations
planning of the most appropriate installation to suit crop requirement with regard to maximising investment and crop production
reduction of the energy costs while achieving specific microclimates in the greenhouse
use of high quality materials that will last for many years.

AGRITENAX plant is situated in the new Productive Settlements Plan area at Eboli, in the centre of the Piana del Sele, one of the most modern and technologically progressive horticultural and flower nursery areas in the South of Italy.

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Via Maestri del Lavoro, I-84025 Eboli (SA), Italy
Tel. +39 0828 332978 - Fax +39 0828 361955



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