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plastic fence for heliculture delimitazione per elicicoltura
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Heliculture - Snail farming

the plastic fence for snail farming avoids the snails to escape, protects the farming from predators entry, keeps separated the different moments in the snails life-cycle





Monofilament net plain weave +
flounces with leno weaving

complete with strip tricolor in
upper part, manufactured from HDPE in black colour.


UV stabilized, resistant to climatic and chemical agents, pesticide and bacteria-proof.


snail farming: plastic fence for heliculture to protect snails from escaping while protecting the mollusks from predators

Simple and efficient solution for small and big farming


Fencings are the most important structures necessary for a correct and economical production in the snail farming in the open air.


They need to avoid the snails escape, protect the farming from predators entry, keep separated the different moments in the snails life-cycle (birth and fattening) and also facilitate the correct mollusk breathing.


TENAX ELIX PRO, black monofilament woven net, made from polymers HDPE and treated in accordance with rules UNIPLAST, thanks to the two flounces avoid the climb and the escape of the snails, and protect them, from predation by birds.


The special process of UV stabilization of the polymers reduces the damage caused by sun rays ensuring a long life and proper ventilation.


The height of the net is about 126 cm, with two flounces of 14 cm approx. the useful size of the net without the flounces is 0,98m.


The net is supported by a metal wire or a rope which can be inserted in the fold affixed in the upper part of the net. Use lightweight poles made of wood or PVC; iron or concrete poles are to be excluded, as these materials transmit heat to the mollusks.


A correctly installed TENAX ELIX PRO plant will enable to reduce the farmer presence with good results in labour saving.

  • easy and fast installation
  • reduced realization cost and maximum productivity
  • long lasting, assuring investment
  • guarantees a correct farming airing

snail - mollusk

Product Weight
Roll weight
Colour Height
ELIX PRO 72 10 black 1,20 100

fencing for snail farming


The sewn nets are subject to retract ion up to 2-3%


Note: two horizontal 14 cm wide flounces are sewn to the net, the former at 60 cm and the latter at 88 cm from the ground. The two flounces are calculated in the net total height.

(98+14+14=126 cm)


plastic net for heliculture - snail growing

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