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Anti hail net

Tenax nets for the protection of fruit and buds against hail

Considerable investment has been carried out in researching protection crops from damage by hailstorms.
Nets offer the best protection for the fruit and buds, from hail and also must allow light, moisture and air to permeate to produce healthy and abundant crops.


English style weave for greater strength
Nets manufactured in HDPE in English style weave with two longitudinal threads producing a compact structure.
The PRO version has double selvages incorporated to strengthen the sides and centre of the net.

Hail protection net UTILITY

net for hail protection


Rachel weaving
Polyethylene woven nets with quadrangular mesh. The "PLUS" version net is woven with double thread which further increases its resistance.

Hail protection net DEFENDER

anti-hail woven net

protection against hail with hail nets installation

Effective protection even
from the most violent

TENAX nets for hail protection
are lightweight yet robust,
resistant to tearing and
stretching and maintain
their shape.

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